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Decimal odds in football betting

Your favorite type odds practically depend on where you were born. In England they love fractional odds, and in the United States punters love their own American odds, and in the rest of the world we adore our decimal odds.

Most online betting sites use decimal odds which are also called European odds, and just as the name says they are the most popular type of odds in the Old Continent. But their use is not limited to that region, as they are very popular in Latin America, Australia, and Canada. We think they are the easiest to read and understand, and that is why they are so popular.

Decimal odds can be calculated in less than two seconds, you only need to multiply the money that you are going to bet by the odds, that’s it, and it’s that simple. Let’s check out an example applied to our favorite sport: football.

But before we go any further with the explanation we want to make sure you already know the best betting tips site in the internet: SBAT betting tips. They cover all the major sports, including football of course, be sure to get all the best information with them. And now, back to the decimal odds explanation.

Let’s say that we are going to bet in “El Clasico”, Barcelona versus Real Madrid in Camp Nou. The online betting sites have Barcelona as the favorites and the odds on them are 2.00. The tie has odds of 3.50 and Real Madrid’s win pays 2.50.

If you bet 100 euros on Barcelona to win and they succeed you win 200, just do the math, multiply 100 by 2.00 and there it is, those are your total winnings. Pretty cool, huh? Just remember that your total winnings in this case are 100 euros, because you already had the original hundred.

The other two results follow the exact same logic, if you bet 100 euros on a tie game and win you have to multiply the money placed in the bet by the odds that in this case were 3.50. You will cash in 350 euros, 250 in winnings and 100 of the original bet.

As you can see, the least probable results always have higher odds to invite punters to bet there. Sometimes the move pays off big time, and some other times it doesn’t, it is part of the game. But there you have it, these are the decimal odds. Which ones are your personal favorites?
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